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בודק שכר מוסמך

Ben Shmuel payroll services are the Israeli partner of Daxin Global network and provide payroll Services to Israel’s international companies. 

we support international clients and global networks of payroll operators. 

Ben Shmuel firm has experienced payroll controllers who have knowledge of the local salary regulations and can give the clients a suitable payroll solution via optimized and highly reliable salary payroll services. Among our services, our firm is a certified wage inspector by the Israeli authorities and gives services to some of the biggest companies in Israel and global companies in the world that employ workers in Israel 

Our firm’s services ensure that our clients’ needs are well answered and given with uncompromising and high standard of services enabling them to simplify payroll management to become more productive.

By giving the payroll services, we offer the added value of prevention of tax exposures in the local labor law, tax savings, and major cost savings that help the client to focus on his business. 

We, at Ben Shmuel, offer a package of payroll services that includes operational management services, assistance with employment (PEO services), recruiting employees, and ongoing consulting. Our services are suited for any number of employees.  The services are tailored to the client’s needs.

 Employment income by the foreign employee

According to the Israeli employment rules, employment income is regarded as being sourced at the place where the related work is performed. For that matter, a foreign employee whose performance of services is in Israel would be subject to Israeli taxation.

Kind of payroll services

International and local companies have several options to decide on the suitable payroll service for them: 

Outsourcing payroll – By that option, there is already a legal entity in Israel and the client wishes to work with an Israel payroll processing company, in that way, we will issue the company’s employees the monthly payslips.

PEO services –   Instead of the difficulty of establishing a foreign company in Israel, opening a bank account, and registering with the Israel tax authorities, we can employ the workers and report them to the authorities as our employees and pay them directly- this option relevant for a foreign company that wishes to employ workers in Israel.

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