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Business Consulting

Ben - Shmuel Consulting

is the consulting department of the leading accounting firm Ben Shmuel.

The department provides a wide variety of services adapted to the business and financial needs of all types of customers and is managed by the senior partners who supervise the precise and strict implementation of the work plans in order to achieve constant growth in three parameters: Revenues, profits, cash balances.

We are working with our clients to formulate business and financial strategies that will allow them to create sustainable value to their business.


This is the initial process when handling and building a growth plan for any business.
FINANCIAL SCREENING is an in-depth financial and business analysis performed using unique tools developed by the department’s experts, within which tests are performed of all the key elements for financial success.
The product of this service is an accurate road map that allows you to lead the business to the next stage in terms of financial success by identifying all the key points for treatment.


As part of this service, financial management in the business becomes an exact science.
The unique management tools of the department will lead to a situation where the funds and cash flow will be under hermetic control, will allow prediction and control and will lead to growth and a growing positive gap in terms of flow through the management of financial processes from the stage of commitments to the stage of actual expenditure.

The product of this stage is a positive flow gap with constant growth.

External CFO financial consulting services for CEOs and companies

A unique escorting process specially adapted to the client’s needs and goals.
Through the preparation of financial work plans and ongoing support in their implementation, the client receives the entire financial envelope he needs at the level of knowledge and ongoing control in order to enable the CEO to focus on business growth and prosperity.

Management consulting and business development

Management consulting is a process of strategic and organizational support for CEOs that leads to a state of constant growth and prosperity through the development of work plans that cover not only the world of finance but respond to all elements of business growth.
Organization, personnel, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, locating and developing new markets and products, and more.

This is a service that covers a 360-degree management spectrum.

Additional services:

Economic tests and works

Preparation of business/financing plans

Escort with the banking system - contact person for the financing area

Valuations and due diligence for purchase/sale

Representation in boards of directors and management meetings as needed (or ongoing)

What do the customers say about us?
They gave me the tools to understand the market and promote my business. Highly recommend!
Professional and personal. They helped me develop a new business strategy.
The staff was welcoming and offered creative solutions.
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