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Control of debits and credits from credit companies

Have you stopped and checked the fees that the credit companies charge you?

If not, you probably deserve a lot of money back from the credit companies.

Today, a large part of a business’s income is received on credit. Many companies and chains receive their income from customers through credit cards. It is convenient and better than using checks. Most of us do not check in depth the details of the credit companies that are sent to us every month.

And so, most business owners check that the income has been received, but usually no one checks whether the fees charged by the credit companies are correct? Didn’t they charge you too many fees?

Depending on the nature of the business, these commission differences can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of shekels per year.

Our company provides credit card checking services to large companies and chains. Among other things, we will check for you:

Have you received all the funds owed to you from the credit companies?
The composition of your agreement with the credit company.
Are you charged fees according to the agreement with the credit company?
Can the credit card company fees be reduced?
Aren’t you being charged unnecessary fees and double fees?
In many cases the cost of the test will be negligible compared to the money that will be saved in the future and that you will receive back.

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