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Internal audit

The topic of internal audit and identifying risks is one of the most important activities in the organization. More than once we hear about irregularities and loopholes that are discovered in organizations. In recent years, this issue has been on the agenda of all organizations in Israel and around the world.

The Ben Shmuel firm provides internal audit services to public and private companies, government ministries, associations and other public corporations.

The services of the firm’s internal audit department include:
Conducting internal audits according to an annual internal audit plan in accordance with the Internal Audit Law, the Companies Law and the requirements of the Securities Authority
Mapping and management of business processes and risks
Conducting a risk survey to identify exposures
Assistance in building the internal control system
Performing quality control and implementation control on existing controls in the organization
Building work procedures for the organization
Accompanying companies in the processes required by virtue of the rules of the SOX law
Ongoing support and advice for organizations
Investigative audit and prevention of embezzlement and fraud
Consulting for risk management in the capital market

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