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Financial Management (Advisory)

During the life cycle of a company, big or small, it encounters a wide variety of accounting and financial challenges. These challenges require financial expertise, which usually does not exist in small and medium-sized companies, while large companies employ many different professionals.

Precisely for this reason, we created in Ben-Shmuel the service Controller for a day or– two days”*.

We invite you, as a business owner, to use the services of the financial management and accounting department in our firm, provided by experienced accountants and economists who have served as accountants and financial managers in well-known companies in the Israeli economy. The company benefits, by using advanced financial management and control tools at a minimum cost.

Among the services offered by the department:

Planning and control of cash flow.

Preparation of an annual budget

Budget control

Management and control of profit centers.

Dealing with the banking system and managing the client’s banking obligation.

A variety of management reports in different sections.

Guidance of the customer’s collection department.

* It is understood that t The service can also be obtained for longer periods.

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