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Certified salary checker – how does the service work?

What is a Certified Payroll Checker?
A salary inspector is actually the person who performs and assists in salary calculations. Has many years of experience which provides a professional, reliable service, which saves you the employer costs and unnecessary dealings with the employees and the law authorities.
Our professionalism is your advantage:

1. Salaries are calculated by an accountant who is an expert in the field of accounting and is well-versed in labor and taxation laws.
2. Great savings in the costs of directly hiring an accountant.
3. Savings in the maintenance of payroll software.
4. Adherence to schedules for the payment of employee wages.
5. Counseling and accompaniment in all issues related to employee-employer relations.
6. Execution speed and availability.

Who is suitable to work with a salary inspector?
In recent years, a new player in the field is the Ministry of Labor and Welfare. The office began contacting many employers in a random and non-random way and checking their salary calculations. Over 92% of the inspections end with fines being imposed on the employers. These fines range from tens to hundreds of thousands of shekels.

How can “Et Retzon” help?
At Retzon Ltd. is a member of the “Ben – Shmuel CPA” group and is engaged in providing operational services (back office) and, in addition, economic and financial support for businesses. The “Et Retzon” team consists of experts in the fields of computing and finance, who have extensive experience in accompanying and handling companies and organizations big

What is our added value?
The firm is ranked in the fourth tenth of the largest accounting firms in Israel, which gives its clients the tools of a large firm with personal attention. The firm operates as a One Stop Shop and “wraps” the client in a variety of services required for a business entity. Among our clients are clients from Israel and abroad, companies with activity volumes of hundreds of millions of NIS on the one hand and individual taxpayers on the other.
What is our experience?
Over the course of more than 20 years, we have handled thousands of business entities of various types and sizes: companies at the top of the Israeli business world, companies traded on the stock exchange, local authorities and political parties as well as independents and individuals. The firm provides services to a wide range of clients from all branches of the economy: the capital market, industry, real estate, trade and services, financial institutions, high tech, hotels, technologies, media and communication, medicine, infrastructure and more.

Qualified wage inspector services subject to the law on increasing the enforcement of labor laws
Over the years, the field of labor law is gaining momentum: from time to time audits are conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and heavy fines are imposed, employees sue in courts and usually win, one employee who sues tells all his friends and they follow him. Working with a certified payroll auditor has become essential for many companies.
The employer’s exposure in any case is estimated at tens and hundreds of thousands of shekels!

In 2012, the law to increase enforcement regarding the rights of employees at their workplace came into force.

The law applies to both employers and those ordering services from subcontractors who do not guarantee basic wage conditions for employees (and/or subcontractors). The law states that the employer/customer of the service who signed such an agreement has direct responsibility for enforcing and maintaining the rights of employees and subcontractors even if the customer of the service is not their direct employer and they are expected to face criminal prosecution.

Regarding services from subcontractors, the law states that the responsibility of the customer of the service shall apply in the field of guarding and security, cleaning, and catering.

To try and reduce the exposure, we suggest you conduct an audit of the payroll system and the handling of deductions from the employees’ wages. The audit will be conducted by an accountant who is a certified wage inspector on behalf of the Ministry of Labor.

Our office has a certified wage inspector certificate from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

At Rezon Ltd. has many years of experience in the fields of wages in general, in kibbutz agreements, branches, as well as in the fields of wages for hotels, security and manpower companies and food chains in particular.

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