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Back office services for the capital market

Aren’t you paying unnecessary fees for trading securities?
Are the business results presented by the broker correct?

Since 1994, we have been handling hundreds of traders, investment houses and large entities that hold large portfolios of securities. Thanks to this, we have gained a lot of experience in providing back office services and taxation solutions.

The services are intended for traders in the capital market and entities that manage securities portfolios in large volumes.

We will install for you (in your office or our office) software such as “Danel” or “Prime” professionally.

At the end of each month, we will issue a series of reports for you to monitor and control the case, including:

Administrative reports: detailed reports of the investment status starting from a single bank account to the concentration of several accounts. Reports to the investment committee for example – compliance and control of the company’s investment policy, yield reports for the channel and paper, commission control, error detection and more.

Accounting reports: profit and loss reports, a file of journal commands for all accounting software, various reports for the company’s external auditor.

Tax reports: including checking the 867 forms from the banks (which, as you know, most of them are wrong).

In this way, the customer obtains many advantages, especially
Full control over the operations carried out in the securities portfolio.
Great cost savings – purchasing and operating the software without outsourcing is expensive and entails high additional costs. Operating through us will be significantly cheaper.
A high professional level achieved thanks to our extensive experience and the integration of accountants and software operators.
Independence from this or that employee.
Tax savings – the client receives advice on capital market taxation.
Avoiding mistakes and relying on wrong information.

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