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The tax laws in the State of Israel in particular and in the world in general are a maze in which each step may lead to a different tax result. As an office that sanctifies thinking and creativity, the issue of tax planning is at the forefront of our attention. Our tax experts will guide you to the optimal tax result.

Voluntary Disclosure
In recent years, the tax “network” has been closed and the states are transferring information about citizens’ accounts and funds between them. In the morning news we hear about lists and information that is transferred between the countries and as a result of which citizens and candidates for criminal justice are investigated. There are many options available to the citizen for reporting previously unreported funds. Correct action will lead to negation of criminal sanctions while paying very low amounts of tax, if at all.

The Voluntary Disclosure Department is headed by Mr. Ben Shmuel Yosef, who served as an assessor for Tel Aviv Investigations and the Income Tax Center. In his position, Mr. Ben Shmuel was responsible for the investigations of hundreds of people and their prosecution. The other employees of the department are also graduates of the tax departments.

The 36 years of experience of Mr. Ben Shmuel and the team of experts are at your disposal to overcome the hurdle of voluntary disclosure in an easy way and with a low tax liability.

Individual taxation
Even the sole proprietors of small businesses receive the close support of the firm’s experts. From the moment you become a client of the firm, you will receive close service and advice regardless of the size of your business.

criminal investigations
In cases where a criminal investigation has been opened against the taxpayer, he will be accompanied by the experts of the taxation department headed by Mr. Ben-Shmuel Yosef, former assessor of Tel Aviv and Central Investigations during the investigation with the aim of its quick conclusion outside the walls of the court.

International taxation
The Ben Shmuel firm handles clients all over the world, including in the United States, France, China, Russia, Germany, Africa, Italy, Singapore and many others. As a global global firm that handles clients all over the world, the best experts will examine your tax situation in Israel and around the world and give you ideas on how to save tax in a legal way.

Reporting to the tax authorities in the United States
As you know, an American citizen must report his income from any source in the world. If you operate in Israel or own property, our office will help you fill out and submit a tax report to the authorities in the United States.

The red line in front of the tax authorities
Did you receive an excessive demand from the tax authorities? Summoned for a discussion or investigation? A discussion held by your representative in step A did not end to your satisfaction? It is indeed a difficult and even stressful situation. We think that just as you sometimes need to get a second opinion about your health, you can also get a second opinion about your money. The tax experts of our office, who also include retirees from the tax authority, will handle the issue with the tax authorities and hold discussions until the expected result is achieved.

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