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about us

The Ben-Shamuel firm of accountants was established in 1993 and has dozens of accountants, tax advisors and economists. The firm is ranked in the fourth tenth of the largest accounting firms in Israel, which gives its clients the tools of a large firm with personal attention. The firm operates as a One Stop Shop and “wraps” the client in a variety of services required for a business entity. Among our clients are clients from Israel and abroad, companies with activity volumes of hundreds of millions of NIS on the one hand and individual taxpayers on the other.

The Ben Shmuel office is part of an international network of accountants that goes by the name (DXG DAXIN GLOBAL)

בן שמואל | משרד רואי חשבון בתל אביב | רואה חשבון תל אביב

As part of the DAXIN GLOBAL corporation, an international accounting partnership based in China, we are able to provide a comprehensive envelope of worldwide financial services to all our clients. The DXG network has thousands of employees and dozens of international partnerships and is ranked in the opening list in the ranking of accounting firms in China.

Over the course of more than 20 years, we have handled thousands of business entities of various types and sizes: companies at the top of the Israeli business world, companies traded on the stock exchange, local authorities and political parties as well as independents and individuals. The firm provides services to a wide range of clients from all branches of the economy: the capital market, industry, real estate, trade and services, financial institutions, high tech, hotels, technologies, media and communication, medicine, infrastructure and more.


Office management


Yosef Ben – Shmuel

בן – שמואל יוסף


Former assessor of investigations of Tel Aviv and the center

Mr. Ben-Shmuel Yosef served for over 36 years in a wide variety of positions in the income tax, including the position of assessor for investigations in Tel Aviv and the center. Mr. Ben-Shmuel manages the criminal department in the office and in this framework deals with issues of voluntary disclosure and treatment of cases in which a criminal investigation has been opened.


Shay Ben – Shmuel CPA

רו"ח בן – שמואל שי


managing partner

CPA Ben-Shamuel has extensive experience since 1993 in providing consulting, auditing and accounting services. In this framework, he provided services to a wide variety of entities such as public and private companies, non-profit institutions, political parties, and companies in the capital market. Shay also specializes in managing arbitrations and providing Opinion as an expert witness. Shay holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics and serves as a member of the advisory committee in the accounting major at the Center for Academic Studies (MLA), and as the chairman of the audit committee at the Ilan organization – Israeli Association for Injured Children (AR).

שלומי נגדאי

Shlomi Nagdai CPA

רו"ח שלומי נגדאי



CPA Shlomi Ngadai has extensive experience in providing services in the field of financial consulting, accounting and taxation and has special expertise in the field of retirement planning and taxation and submitting reports to retirees. He is responsible for the audit and external relations division as well as the taxation department for retirees.


Ygal Dikovsky CPA

רו"ח יגאל דיקובסקי



Having senior management and financial experience, he held a series of senior management positions in international software and communication companies as well as in the field of consulting and investments. Served as Chief Investment Manager for the Crossroad Fund, CEO of a consulting and investment banking company.

Legal has extensive experience in evaluating companies, raising capital, accompanying investors, bank credit, valuations, feasibility studies, due diligence, business consulting and more. Has a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv University. and a master’s degree in business administration from Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University.