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data processing

Are the computer systems and software exposed to embezzlement and fraud?

To what extent can a manager or internal auditor / CPA trust the information he receives from the business’s computer software?

Can the information stored in the computer systems leak out to foreign parties?

Who has access to these systems that hold such valuable and sensitive information?

Do the computer systems comply with the regulatory requirements to which the firm is subject?

These are some of the questions that an information systems audit is supposed to answer.

The backbone of most businesses and organizations operating today is computing and information systems. More than once we hear about cyber attacks that in the easy case end up paying a ransom and in the most difficult cases end up stealing the organization’s databases, destroying all the business information and paralyzing the organization or carrying out false actions and sophisticated deceptions. Our company’s cyber experts have many years of experience in providing services to large business entities with practical and in-depth experience in complex technological systems, a deep understanding of the cyber space, the groups operating in it, the threats, risks and challenges facing organizations in these aspects. We also deal with the reporting and implementation of advanced cyber and information security solutions at all levels, including communication, operating systems, databases, applications, as well as the cloud environment and mobile devices

The field of information security and defense against cyber threats has become critical for businesses in recent years. The more the computer systems take over our lives and our business, the more we are exposed to loopholes and threats from home and abroad. It is important for every business that information does not leak to competitors and hostile parties.

An ANA audit will identify failures in your business’s computer systems, possibilities for leaking information to competitors and hostile parties, and will reduce possibilities for embezzlement and theft through the computer system. Our information security experts will check with computerized and other tools, map the loopholes in your business for you and give you tools on how to defend yourself.

Among other things, we handle the following issues:

QA software testing
auditing and information security
Risk management in ERP systems
Management of information systems by experienced information and system administrators
Even before the corona crisis, organizations began to adapt to the digital world and the organizational challenges and risks that come along with them. This complex business environment exposes the organization to business and technological risks in everything related to its current activities and the information kept by it.

As mentioned, the information systems are one of the most essential resources in the organization. The threats to them are many and varied, and therefore, their protection and security is necessary. In order to test the system and make sure that it is reliable and correct, the accountant or internal auditor performs a number of tests to see how correct the data he is exposed to is indeed correct. 

These tests include:

Examination of the reliability of the computerized information – examination of the method of input, access controls, authorizations, information security measures and more.
Checking the effectiveness of the controls – what is the method of preventing and detecting unusual actions (including embezzlement, fraud and data leakage), examination of the audit trail, documentation, backup, separation of duties and more.
Checking the system maintenance – how robust and efficient is the maintenance system for the hardware and software.
Examining applied and infrastructural architecture.
Examining the configuration of databases.
Examining the user management configuration and permissions.
Examining Updates Configuration.
Examining the use of distribution mechanisms.
The firm’s staff combines knowledge and many years of experience in the fields of auditing combined with expertise in the field of information systems. The information systems audit department provides services related to the controls relevant to the financial reporting processes, including financial business processes, controls on the management of the computer system, the examination of the internal controls of the information systems, the examination of the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the data, the examination of the security of the systems, the degree of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes in the systems environment and the examination of processes Development and maintenance of the systems against the user’s requirements.

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