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Preparation of financial reports

As you know, according to the regulations of the Securities Authority, there is an obligation on reporting and held companies to prepare their financial statements themselves – without the assistance of the auditing accountant.

This obligation imposed considerable additional costs on the public companies that chose to hire accountants as employees. This is beyond the difficulty of those accountants in maintaining an adequate professional level. As an old firm that acts as accountants for public companies, we have gained a lot of experience in assisting and submitting audited and reviewed financial statements for large and public companies, according to international accounting and reporting standards (IFRS).

The financial report editing department offers editing services in subcontracting (Out Sourcing). In this way, the customer obtains many advantages including:

Significant cost savings
High professional level
Assistance in times of stress
If you need an accountant because you have to meet tight deadlines, then this service is for you. The work can be done both in our office and in the client’s offices by an accountant from our office, who is an accountant.

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