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Company or individual – advantages and disadvantages

According to the existing tax laws in 2017, where the shareholder earns over NIS 350,000 per year and can keep his profits in the company, there is a higher probability that he should start a company. Below we will detail the advantages and disadvantages of starting a company:


separate legal entity
Protection against legal and other sanctions
Deferral and sometimes even tax savings
Better tracking of receipts, payable and eligible payments
A better option for detecting embezzlement and mistakes in bank accounts

Higher cost – an annual registrar’s fee of about 1300 NIS in most cases, a higher payment for managing the accounting and auditing books
It is understood that in any case an accountant should be consulted before carrying out the operation

Treatment at the Registrar of Companies
Interested in starting a company? Has the company you own accrued debts to the Registrar of Companies? We will be happy to make available to you our extensive experience in handling processes at the Registrar of Companies. The service is fast, efficient and at extremely low costs. We will also give you professional advice from lawyers or accountants to make sure that the action you are taking is correct and suitable for your business.

Among other things, we handle the following issues:
Opening a company within a day at the company register at extremely low costs
Opening cases in all tax departments
Obtaining an “exemption from withholding tax”
Cancellation of annual fee obligations
dissolution of companies
Change of name, transfer of shares, etc.

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