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Economic department

The department specializes in performing valuations, especially at a time when the use of valuations is increasing, for the purpose of evaluating activities and assets of reported and public companies. 

The valuations carried out in the department are for a variety of needs, starting with valuations for the preparation of financial statements, allocation of purchase costs in business combination transactions (PPA), examination of impairment, valuations of employee options, feasibility tests, assistance in raising capital and debt, accompanying investors, including valuations for the need Carrying out various business moves, such as investments, mergers and acquisitions, splitting business units, and feasibility tests.

In addition, the department’s services include:

  • Business models & pricing strategies
  • Performing financial due diligence
  • Examining the market potential of products and services
  • Preparation of business plans for various purposes
  • Opinions in disputes with local authorities

Expert opinion: years of appearances before courts and arbitrations are at your disposal.  The firm has extensive experience in preparing expert opinions for the courts in the economic, accounting and taxation fields.

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