The Ben Shmuel Firm is a global accounting and business consulting firm, providing services
to businesses around the world. The firm employs dozens of professionals who are experts in
their fields: accountants, economists, tax experts, attorneys, cyber professionals and more.
Over the past 20 years, since the firm’s establishment, it has provided services to thousands of
business entities, both public and private, in Israel and abroad in the fields of auditing, local
and international taxation, oversight of business transactions, mergers and acquisitions,
valuations, payroll system management, financial management and more. Among the firm’s
clients are international companies from the United States, Germany, France, the United
Kingdom, China, Japan, India, Brazil and more.
As a global firm, we have the knowledge and experience to grant our clients an array of
services fitting for global businesses in the fields of international taxation, tax planning,
information security, consultation in the area of the Sarbanes-Oxley law, oversight of merger
and acquisition transactions, accounting and financial management as well as recruiting funds
required for the continued development of our clients.
The Ben-Shmuel Firm includes former executives of taxation departments in Israel and
taxation experts from around the world. Our offices have expertise in the field of tax planning
for clients operating under the framework of more than one tax system, through the optimal
utilization of tax benefits in each of the tax systems in which the client operates. Similarly, we
accompany our American clients in reporting to the American tax authorities in general, and
specifically according to the FATCA provisions.
Information Security
In recent years, with the development of more sophisticated computer systems, businesses are
working to improve their information security and defense against cyber threats. Our offices
accompany our clients in the identification and management of cyber risks existing in the
business, providing recommendations to minimize the exposure to cyber threats, auditing of
electronic data processing and more.
Financial Management
As a global firm, which handles many clients from the high-tech world, we have created a
service of external financial management adjusted to the needs of the client, and which
creates a competitive advantage for the client by the ability to use advanced financial auditing
and management tools, while saving costs and not wasting resources. Within the service, we
examine the business’ financial system, the collection system and billing, we will implement
an annual and multi-year budget plan, track its execution, manage cash flows in the optimal
manner, by way of hedging (for multi-currency companies) and of course manage the client’s
indebtedness and manner of financing.
Financial Department
The firm has a large financial department in which the best experts in the field of economics
and finance operate. Among the clients of the debarment are Israeli and international
companies. The department has overseen dozens of IPOs to the public in the Tel Aviv Stock
Exchange, the preparation of prospectuses, due diligences, valuations and more. The
department also handles the accompaniment of clients dealing with banks in Israel and their
connection to their accounts abroad. The department oversees merger and acquisition
transactions of businesses from the stage of creating the initial connection until the
completion of the proceeding of transferring ownership / the merger, while taking into
consideration the legal, financial and taxation aspects and submitting the requests for
preliminary tax decisions if necessary.
Internal Audit
In recent years we have witnessed a tightening of the supervision from regulators in Israel and
the world on public companies, due to huge embezzlement that has been discovered recently
in these organizations. This matter has made global companies and businesses place an
emphasis on auditing and internal auditing in the organization.
The Ben Shmuel Firm grants internal audit services to international companies, both public
and private, governmental offices, organizations and other public corporations.
The services of the firm’s internal audit department include:

Taxation in Israel on employees and companies


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